“Iván Hoyos Freyre (Sonora, Mexico, 1988) is an abstract artist who, from the lens and the curiosity to discover, creates detailed observation images that sensorially appeal to reflection and seek a constant change in perception. Through his work, Hoyos Freyre invites the viewer to reinterpret the space they inhabit and their interactions with it.

His work utilizes the photographic language and explores others such as videography and music production. His training and multidisciplinary experience in creative and art related areas translate into an acute ability to materialize concepts and conceptualize images. Having worked in multiple countries, his view incorporates multiple contextual elements, particularly from our surroundings.

Hoyos Freyre builds abstract representations that, while privileging detail, reveal the richness of what he is portraying. His work is characterized by the subtle exaltation of colors, textures, materials, shapes, lines and geometric expressions.”

On appreciation.

Always being a curious being, the attentive attention to my surroundings has allowed me to discover numerous worlds that unveil as my perception continuously shapes. They surround us in mesmerizing forms worth portraying and that is my intent: to create visual metaphors that highlight the value of being curious for the world around us, helping us gain a deeper understanding of any environment and becoming more aware of our relationship with it.

And with that deeper understanding, taking into account our social environment as an abstraction in the conceptual realm is an essential aspect of my work as an artist and fellow human. Becoming attuned to observing and exploring beyond my physical surroundings is what allows me to create these photographic abstractions in the first place, coming full circle into the beauty of developing a holistic appreciation for any setting encompassing us.

Selected features and accomplishments:
2023. Collaborative exhibition. Artenativo. Mérida, Mexico.
 Collaborative exhibition. Yellow Monkey. Mexico City.
 ‘Maximalism’ open call winner. Artrepreneur. New York.
Collaborative exhibition: ‘Global Conversation’. United Nations | F.99.
2020. Work featured in Vacant Museum. United States.
2020. Artwork featured in Blue Bee Magazine. London.
2020. Series featured in ArtConnect Magazine. Berlin.
2019. Artwork projected on Moon Exhibition. Forward Festival. Vienna, Munich, Zurich.
2018. Corporate collection for Caja Popular Mexicana. Architectural project by Fernando Romero | Sollar. León, Mexico.
2015. Branding and concept of The Maverick Collection for Carrera Eyewear.
2015. Shortlist Future Lions with Torch (Samsung Gear). Cannes Lions | AKQA.
2012. Remix Agreement with Sony Music Entertainment US. Passion Pit – Take a Walk (The Highweights Remix).
2011. Remix Agreement with Sony Music Entertainment US. Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (The Highweights Remix).

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